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Commercial Photography Berkeley

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There’s been a period of reflection and change in the last few months. Sometimes you’re lucky and people will follow you through the weeds and through the uncomfortable growth. I count myself as being incredibly lucky to be supported by generous souls like Meghan Wright of Figs and Feathers Farms. This is our third commercial photography shoot together! And this was my first shoot in my new home studio in Berkeley!

Supporting the Creative Community

We met and spoke indoors over cozy bowls of hot soup as it rained outside in January. We talked about what 2019 looked like. The good, the bad, the ugly, and what the future may hold. It reminded me clearly of why I do this work. Supporting talented makers, helping their businesses with photos they love and cheering them on fills my heart in a way that few other things do.

We are all connected, this community of creatives and creators. ( I met Meghan Wright through Meghan Russell of Poppy and Oak. I found out about Justina at Araceli Farms through Meghan Wright. ) We all support and promote each other because we’re all rooting for each other’s success. We understand we come from people that are not only geographically similar but similarly minded in our pursuit to make something to share with others. That’s why I went to The Dixon Florist to get bundles from Araceli for this shoot and support other creative’s classes.

People talk about doing things for the ‘gram. I don’t do it for the ‘gram. I do it for the community.

The Commercial Photography Shoot in Berkeley

Commercial photography Berkeley

Hand made soap by Fig and Feathers Farm

Lip tints by Fig and Feathers Farm

Commercial Soap Photography

Salt Soak Commercial Photography for Fig and Feathers Farm

I took a look back at the previous shoots. I kept a lot of the elements similar. The background, the editing, but I added in more layers. Layers of texture – the bleached fern and wispy feathery grass from the Dixon Florist as well as the flowing linen. The Salt Soaks now have more of a coarse salt texture vs finely milled salt. So that was a fun update for me to shoot with!

The label has also been updated, but it’s really the same high touch products that Meghan makes. They have added to my life. Knowing that these items were hand made, thoughtfully sourced, with enviromentally friendly packaging. I’m really picky with skincare products and all her products are things I regularly use and reach for. Check out her inventory here.


Community is one of my core values. I love supporting other creative entrepreneurs by providing commercial photography in Berkeley. Some of my clients send their products to me if you don’t live close to the Bay Area. If you’d like to know more, send over an inquiry!

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